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Soft washing


Best Cleaning Practices

     We use dedicated 1hp (<300 psi) booster pumps for all our low pressure house washing, commercial grade pressure washers and surface cleaners for all concrete cleaning, and only use recommended commercial chemicals for all surfaces. We have had extensive training in chemical mixology to gain knowledge about different commercial cleaning agents, their purpose, their proper mixing ratios, their application processes, and proper handling to ensure our safety, customer safety, and plant/property protection. SDS for all chemicals in use are always on site. 


Low Pressure House Wash

     At iWashJax we approach every customer's home with the utmost care and strive to provide quality service that we can be proud to stand behind! Our approach to washing homes comes through training we've acquired in order to be able to deliver a top quality experience for our customers. At iWashJax, we deploy the best management practices available in the industry utilizing the latest equipment in Soft Washing. We offer house washing through a low pressure dedicated pump system to achieve the highest level of cleaning without damaging the home's surfaces.


Gutter Restoration

     Sometimes soft washing gutters during the house washing process isn’t enough to remove stains and tiger stripes, so an additional application process is necessary to brighten gutters and restore them as closely as possible to their original color.