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Concrete washing


Bring Your Walkways Back To Life

     Is your driveway or patio showing signs of algae or discoloration? These areas can create safety hazards which we can eliminate! Our process for removal involves a surface cleaner, applying the correct amount of pressure, as well as a post treatment which leaves the finished product looking great for months to come!

     If your pool deck has become unsightly with the presence of algae as well as causing a safety concern, look no further! We can eliminate those unpleasant visuals and bring your pool deck back to life! We also provide Pool Cage Cleaning through a low pressure process which is safe for the screen. Pool Cages over time will develop green algae. We can rectify those concerns!


Paver And Brick Washing

     We provide a low pressure paver and brick washing as our first course of action. Sometimes additional pressure is needed for bricks and pavers that have stubborn mold, algae, or efflorescence, a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits and is present on or in the masonry surface.


Rust Removal

     Do you have rust stains on the side of your home or on your driveway? Our Rust Removal process will drastically improve the negative visual that these stains cause and in turn will increase your home's value. While we can't promise to remove these types of stains 100% in every case, we are confident that you will be pleased with the outcome!